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WSUS Detectoid Model


The detectoid model is a hierarchical representation of a product family tree with category/detectoid as each element of the tree with the root being Product Family (TLC), 2nd branch level being the product categories, and anything below are detectoids. The detectoid model is used by WUA agent for pruning during updates scanning to improve performance, i.e. ensuring that an update is only evaluated on machines that have installed the products that are being updated.

Tasks for the developer:

Identify what categories/detectoids need to be built:
  • Product Family (TLC):
    • IsInstalled logic of TLC is always set to AlwaysTrue so that the products under it will be evaulated on the target machines.
  • Product Category:
    • It needs to be created for every new product under the product family.
    • IsInstalled logic is to determine whether the product is installed on the target machine.
  • Detectoid:
    • Only create detectoids when they can be reused.
    • IsInstalled logic CANNOT be set to AlwaysTrue.
    • Locale Detectoid:
      • OS dependency: If your product has OS dependency (i.e. French version of the product will only run on French version of the OS), then you don't need to create seperate locale detectoid, you can use public OS detectoids. However, if French version can be installed on other locale rather than French, then you need to create seperate locale detectoid.
    • Platform/Architecture Detectoid:
      • These detectoids are public detectoids that could be used by everyone. Typically, if your product have both 32 bit and 64 bit version and do not support WOW, then you need to use them.
    • SKU/Component Detectoid:
      • If your product has seperate binaries for different SKUs, then you need to build detectoid to detect the SKU presence on the target machine.
      • If your product has different components that need be serviced seperately, then detectoid needs to be built.

The diagram below demonstrates how Windows uses detectoids to segment the applicability at various levels:

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