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SCIF 2.0 Specification - Design Change Requests Improve template-based Task Sequence creation experience

Issue Description:

(Work item 5483 -
When users add the first OEM step to a task sequence or when they use the right-click action to create a new task sequence, the code pushes the user through a process involving the "mini-wizard" and a pre-defined XML template (not user selectable) to build a new task sequence that includes all the proper steps for bare metal (or other) deployment.

There are several improvements needed here:
  1. There is only one choice of the template to use for this process. If the user is starting from a pre-existing TS, they get assigned one template. If they are creating a new TS, they get the other template. There are no options for the developer or the user to dynamically choose the template to be used for creating the task sequence
  2. The "mini-wizard" has limited functionality in terms of what the user can configure in their templated task sequence, and it is not very flexible. It does not allow configuration of the individual steps of the task sequence, which results in the creation of a task sequence that always requires additional editing by the user to make completely functional.
  3. The process of the template-based creation of task sequences is not integrated in any way (at least not in a user-definable way) with the existing steps available in the task sequence editor, whether built in to SCCM or available from others like MDT. The user cannot add or remove (or even see) the steps in the task sequence before it is created. Since a wizard-based process allows greater control over the contents, flow and configuration of custom steps than would be available once it is completed and open in the task sequence editor, and also allows for "user training" during creation, it makes sense to allow this functionality in a wizard here.
  4. The template-based task sequence process does not allow for the specification of a particular boot image. By default all task sequences are assigned the x86 boot image from that OEM's installation. Customers want to have a task sequence that incorporates multiple OEMs' steps and boots via a common boot image or one they customized. The process should allow the user to specify a boot image.

Changes Needed:

A new task sequence creation wizard should be created that allows for the following:
  1. Developers can specify one or more template choices to offer to the user (specifying one choice causes the choice to be mandatory)
  2. If multiple template choices are offered, the user has the option to select any option and continue
  3. Based on the user (or developer) selection, additional wizard panes are added to allow for optional configuration of the steps included in the template (default selections to be provided by the developer, and can be defined as changeable or non-changeable)
  4. The user has the option to add additional steps into the task sequence, but the developer has the option to define sections where the additional steps will be created, or areas where adding items would be prohibited or would cause a warning to be displayed to the user.
  5. The end result of the wizard should be a fully-functional task sequence that has all the required basic functionality and would not require additional editing to be functional. Note: any other user-required functionality such as WMI queries or other customizations would require them to use the task sequence editor.

Change Description:

Example Scenario:

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