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SCIF 2.0 Specification - Design Change Requests Logging improvements

Issue Description:

(Work item 3333 -
Right now, the logging capabilities are mixed in with the various classes and there's no centralized logging class that everything can share. This leads to inconsistent logging of processes that are occurring with installation or use of the integration code. An example is that during installation, there is the Installer.log file and the InstallerDebug.log file. Due to inconsistencies in the way the logs are written, the sequence of events in the log is often out of order and determining the cause of a failure is made more difficult.

There is also inconsistent use of logging in the individual methods, with some providing high detail of activities, and others providing none. This was essentially due to a lack of variability in logging levels and an “all or nothing” method of logging.

Change Needed:

The SCIF code needs to have a centralized, common way of providing logging of the activities that occur within the code, and also needs to provide an easy way to vary the level of logging output from none to debug level.

Change Description:

As part of the conversion to PowerShell, the SCIF code will take advantage of PowerShell’s built-in logging capabilities to provide information as either screen or log file output, at varying levels defined by the user via registry keys or through direct calls to the CmdLets.

Example Scenario:

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