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SCIF 2.0 Specification - Design Change Requests Driver management – Import from WSUS into OSD driver catalog

Issue Description:

(Work Item 5484 –
WSUS (and WU) allows the deployment of driver updates. Configuration Manager can deploy those updates via Software Updates management (SUM) features, but has no link between the WSUS catalog and the OSD driver catalog. This requires partners to deliver drivers via multiple paths in order to get drivers into the OSD catalog. It also requires customers to manually update and manage drivers in their OSD catalog by downloading, expanding and importing drivers, and they have to manually search vendors' sites to even see if they need newer drivers.

Changes Needed:

A utility is needed to run on a scheduled basis and scan the WSUS server database for driver updates and compare those updates against drivers in the ConfigMgr OSD driver catalog. Updated drivers that have been approved for distribution (not necessarily added to update packages) will be added to the OSD catalog

The utility does not update any task sequence steps, but the user can configure drivers associated with a specific OEM updates catalog to be imported into a specific driver package.
The utility relies on SCUP 4.5 to perform automated updates of OEM catalogs and import metadata and binaries into WSUS (and for ConfigMgr to synch with WSUS). If SCUP is not configured to perform automated updates, the utility would alert the user that such configuration would be needed.

Any additional driver management (such as version change management, upgrades/downgrades) would be handled elsewhere in some form of a GUI, while this is a background utility that runs as a scheduled task on a periodic basis.

Change Description:

Example Scenario:

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