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How You Can Help SCIF

So I know that this question is burning in your mind, right? Well, hopefully a little? Ok, maybe I can coerce you into helping out?

SCIF is a framework that is built as a community effort. What does that mean? It means that I can't do it all myself. We have some really lofty aspirations for this project. You know, world peace, end hunger, all that. But seriously, the original project that SCIF will spring out of encompassed over a year's worth of effort by yours truly. In fact, the 1.0 project is nearly 2 years old from its first conception, though it was a part-time effort most of the way. SCIF 2.0 is even bigger, covering a lot more ground than the 1.0 project. Either someone pitches in with some help or it's going to be two years before anything is complete. So, out of desperation for your own projects to get completed, you really should help out!

So how can you help? Well there are lots of ways. Most of all, it's simply by taking on small pieces of code from the project and supplying your own know-how and brute force, and solving those small problems that need to be solved, that otherwise mount up and become one huge problem. Here are a few ways to help out:

Little or no work whatsoever... for those who just barely roll out of bed each day

  • Read the site contents, be aware of what's available here, and don't burden everyone with questions that are already answered in multiple locations throughout the site. (ok, I told you this was easy).
  • Participate in the open discussions and be generally helpful to others who have questions
  • When you spot errors, typos, or other information that is confusing or not descriptive enough, post a comment on that page with your thoughts on the issue. Or, if you actually want the information corrected, create a work item (and make sure you provide a link to the page!)
  • When you are working with the source code, report any bugs or other issues you find through work items.

A small amount of effort

  • Take something you've already written that you think would be a good addition to the framework and submit it to us (must be free of any restricted intellectual property of course)
  • Take all or a portion of something you've already written and use it to fill in a current gap within the framework methods (a method that is planned but not complete).
  • Choose a method or area of functionality and provide code to complete that method or area.
  • Fix bugs in the code that have been reported via the work items

A moderate amount of effort

  • Choose a large area of functionality or a feature area and provide the development effort to complete that area (either alone or with a group).
  • Participate from time to time in ongoing planning efforts for the project
  • Be a local resident expert on integration and answert questions in the discussions.
  • Fix larger bugs in the code that have been reported via the work items

For the overachievers (you know who you are), and Microsofties on the Systerm Center product teams

  • Participate deeply in the project, becoming involved in ongoing planning efforts on the architecture, contents, and overall goals of the project.
  • Work with System Center product teams to help drive any necessary changes or improvements to products, SDKs and APIs that aid in integration

I've given you the options, now get off your butt and do something!

Happy Coding!

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