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System Center Integration Framework

This set of Wiki pages discusses the Integration Framework from both a high-level overview as well as a low-level developer perspective. Where discussions apply specifically to 1.0 or 2.0 content, it will be noted appropriately.

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Index of SCIF topics

General: Development
Developer Setup Setting up a developer environment to build integrations for System Center using SCIF
Signed Binaries Understanding and using stong-named binaries
Code Branching The code branching methodology we employ with the source code for this project.
WiX-Installer The installation methodology (including WiX) that we use in the SCIF

General: Testing
Testing Setup Setting up a testing environment for System Center integrations using SCIF

Best Practices: Development
Logging Logging should not be restricted to "on" or "off". It should be implemented in multiple levels so the user can fine tune the information they see. Here's how to write code in SCIF2 using the centralized logging functionality of the EntLib that implements multiple levels of logging
Unit Tests Every piece of code developed should have a specific way to validate that the code functions correctly. That way is through unit tests, and they should be a part of all your development efforts.
Info Sources Here are a bunch of links to relevant, interesting, or otherwise important and influential projects and documents for best practices.

Specific Product / Project Topics - [1.0]
OS Deployment Integration with ConfigMgr's Task Sequence Editor for custom OS deployment actions
SCCM ObjectInstaller The ObjectInstaller class, used for installing objects into Configuration Manager

Specific Product / Project Topics - [2.0]
Framework Layout A look at the intended organization of the 2.0 framework.

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