Apr 8, 2009 at 6:10 PM
I have derived a ScopeNodeChildItem class, for dynamic creation of the node that is defined (in the extensions node xml) as a RelativeNode, which is constructed on its parent scope node's action item.  However, I would really like to see an example of triggering a creation of these dynamic nodes during an OnExpand event of the parent scope node.  I assume that when I finally get the persistence of my nodes into the SMS db, I will be able to create them on a query through the XML....but I am not to that point yet.  Meanwhile, I would like to know when I should expect the IResultObject of the Action call to not be NULL.  It is always null.  Am I correct to assume that this is only available when the action call is made from a ResultNode rather than a ScopeNode?

Well, these are some of my current plans and assumptions while figuring all this out.  Please verify or correct these assumptions.
Apr 8, 2009 at 7:33 PM
Perhaps we should back up and start with what you are trying to do and how you are using the code specifically in this project. Your post looks like the middle of an ongoing discussion, and it sounds like you're talking about creating nodes in the SCCM UI, which is really more of an SDK question than something we're doing currently in this code project.
Apr 8, 2009 at 8:14 PM
First, I am creating an extension in the SCCM UI, but to do this, I am using your SCIF work. ( I have tried to post questions about the SCCM SDK to the appropriate forum, but no one seems to know one answers. )  It seems I should be here.  I am doing a (OEM) Partner Integration in the System Center.

The SDK documentation is extremely sparse.  I will probably have less questions if someone could distinguish the occasion for creating a Folder and using the SMS_Object* queries, like in the SCIF, versus creating EmbeddedProperties in the SCF, for the Console Extension that we are creating.  Simply, I need a place to store objects or properties that I am using in my code.  It is not clear if I should just make my own files, or should put them into the SMS database, or the SCF file.  Once we are able to store the state and recover the state of our objects, we will be creating SMS_Packages.  But to do that we need to gather information that the SMS_Program will contain.  

Second, it is difficult to understand if the RootConnectionNode.NamedValuesDictionary will be serialized or if I should NOT be using it at all, or if it is okay to use it as a data transport between objects in my nodes.  (the SDK says to use the PropertyManager to pass data back from PropertySheets to the Nodes but PropertyManager is ALWAYS null in my objects and has no documentation about how to get or create one).

Third, if I am to store data in the SCF, then the SDK documentation describes calling this query on the connection:
"SELECT * FROM SMS_SCI_ClientComp WHERE ClientComponentName = 'Client Agent' AND SiteCode='MCM'"
which returns NOTHING.  In fact, the IntegrationKitUtilities:ExecuteNullableQuery does return an IResultObject that is NOT null but has nothing other than another ConnectionManager in it.  So it is not working to say if(obj == null) because it isn't null yet very useless.

Finally, just as an encouragement to help us, once we do get through the SCCM UI storage issues, the SCIF is more useful, exponentially.  So helping me figure out how to successfully use the SCCMUI & SCIF will help others be able to use the SCIF.