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Project Overview

This project contains a set of utility methods for helping you integrate with System Center products. What is available today is assistance with integrating with System Center Configuration Manager, and over time we will build out this framework to include all of the different System Center products. Our goal is to grow everyone's awareness of the integration capabilities of System Center and foster integration by sharing as much information as possible, including lots of sample code and full-blown integrations.

Project Details

Detailed look at SCIF Find out more about SCIF, what it is (and isn't), our goals and dreams, and how SCIF can help you.
How YOU can help! We need volunteers who can help write code, document, and sweep up around here. Wanna help? Great!
Keeping up with SCIF There are a lot of changes around the site. Here are some tips on keeping up with the construction.

Latest Announcements

New support for WAIK 3.0: 8/19/09: New code has been added to support WAIK 3.0 (required by Windows 7 / Server 2008 R2 / ConfigMgr 2007 SP2).
Signed Binaries: The source code for this project now implements strong-named assemblies. Find out why this is important and how to use signed binaries.

SCIF Technical Knowledge Areas

The links below will take you to technical information, tips and tricks, sample code, and other information related to developing integrations with System Center products mentioned. The subtopics below the product names refer to specific areas of interest that may have more content than more general areas. If the area of interest you're looking for is not listed as a sub-topic here, try clicking the product name link to view the main product Wiki page, which has all related product topics on it.

This content is constantly growing and evolving, and you can contribute too! If you'd like to see more information about a specific topic, please let us know. If you'd like to contribute some content for everyone to share, feel free to send it in and we will post it after review.

More info and links for System Center products

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