Unable logon to the W2k3 OS with the assigned Password after deployed


Hello, I met the problem about logon to the w2k3 OS failed after deployed.
To repro please follow these steps:
  1. Used OSD to capture W2k3 OS.
  2. Created a Task Sequence to deploy a W2k3 OS to target client.
  3. Edited the Task Sequence to add "Apply Windows Setting" step that has an option
    about "Enable the account and specify the local administrator password", selected
    this option and enter a new Password for login OS after delopy.
  4. Advertise this Task Sequence.
  5. After the OS is deployed, longon to the OS use the assinged Password at the 3th
    step. Logon Failed, the password is invalid. But use the original password of captured
    OS that can logon. -_-!
    But I tested this action on W2k8, that's normal.
Closed Dec 17, 2009 at 11:22 PM by rhearn
This is not a SCIF issue, this is an issue with ConfigMgr. Please submit a bug or DCR to the ConfigMgr team as appropriate.


rhearn wrote Dec 8, 2009 at 12:40 AM

Please provide the task sequence logs from the deployment in order to debug.

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