Password problem when deploy win2003 OS


It's really an old problem, the password we set in task sequence does not take effect on win2003 OS.
Detail steps:
1-Create an IBM Bare Metal TS to deploy
a WS03 R2 OS to a Victory/Valiant or Crichton server
2-in the TS under "Apply Windows Setting" step select to
"Enable the account and specify the local administrator password"
type in a new pw, other than what was used on the captured OS that
is being deployed.
3-Advertise and run the TS.
4-After the OS is deployed, logon to the OS using the assinged
pw used in step 3 above.
5-Can't use this pw to logon to windows. Also there is a message displyed
to users, that the password was not reset or windows wasn't able to change
It works well on win2008 OS deployment.
Do you have any comments/suggestion? Thanks!
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This is not an issue with SCIF. This is specific to Configuration Manager itself and nothing I can fix in SCIF code. Please file a bug or DCR with the COnfigMgr team as appropriate.

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