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[2.0] Task Sequence Management: Need a tool to automate the task of updating packages associated to task steps


With most task sequence steps, there is an associated package. This is the case with all of the OEM steps. When you create the task sequence and the steps, the package specific to that OEM kit is linked to the step. However, if you uninstall and reinstall, or install a new version that installs a new package (and therefore a new package ID), the task sequence steps are not updated to reflect the new package ID. This causes task sequences to fail unless the ID is updated.
Currently, the only way to update the associated package IDs to existing task sequences is by editing the task sequence. The code within the OEM kit will automatically link the task steps to the appropriate package when the task sequence editor loads the steps. However, it requires that you open every task sequence, edit something to allow the "Apply" button to become enabled, then you have to save the task sequence. This could be a large chore for admins with lots of task sequences.
The proposal here is to create the appropriate automations (in the installation mechanisms and optionally through a post-install user interface) that will automatically update all package references in existing task sequences to the desired package IDs.
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