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Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

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Microsoft Update / WSUS Concepts:

Microsoft Update (MU) is a service that helps customers keep their Microsoft software secure, and up to date. Updates distributed from MU are a strict superset of the updates distributed via the Windows Update (WU) service. In addition to drivers and updates to Windows, MU also distributes updates of Microsoft applications, such as Office and Exchange Server. WSUS is an application designed for corporate environments to allow administrators to control updates flowing into managed computers. WSUS is a superset of updates distributed via WU/MU and additional updates can be added via custom third-party catalogs or via System Center Updates Publishert (SCUP) or via the WSUS API.

MU Service Functional Overview

Key Concepts:
Detection Logic
Update Bundle and Child Packages

Major code projects and technical information for WSUS

WSUS-Utils A sample command-line utility (server-side) and VBScript (client-side) for viewing and manipulating Windows Update/WSUS updates

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