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SCIF 2.0 Specification

1.3 Project Goals

  • Grow the integration ecosystem for System Center
    • Focus on the System Center platform, not individual products
    • Make System Center the industry’s most-integrated platform
    • Standardize best practices for integration
    • Give developers richer information and tools to work with
  • Centralize a common integration platform
    • Develop core competencies that will be re-used, not re-learned
    • Reduce rework, reinvention and late-cycle DCRs
    • Gain consistency in integration capabilities and methods
    • Provide a central voice for the partner

1.4 Project Non-Goals

  • It is not the goal of SCIF to develop products for partners, but to make their job easier in developing their own products. That said, certain sample applications will likely be written to demonstrate functionality and provide a head start for partners in specific areas.
  • It is not the goal of SCIF to develop functionality that would otherwise be expected to be core functionality of a System Center product. However, code and other items developed as part of SCIF may be created in order to fill a current feature gap, with the intention of being rolled into the product at a later date.
  • It is not the goal of SCIF to duplicate functionality of any products – only to make the job of integration with them easier. It might be expected that over time, additional new functionality within a product overlaps current SCIF functionality. When this happens, it is expected that SCIF will adopt the product’s functionality and deprecate its own functionality.

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