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SCIF 2.0 Specification - Design Change Requests Installer: Boot image creation / removal enhancements

Issue Description:

(Work item 4155:

Issue 1 - During creation of OEM boot images, the installer creates a backup of any existing boot image for that OEM prior to creating a new boot image simply as a precaution against destroying a valid boot image. If something goes wrong with boot image modification, there's really no way to back out changes and restore a previous boot image, so a backup is made of the previous customized boot image (if one exists).

Issue 2 - When uninstalling an OEM integration, OEM boot images are not deleted by default because task sequences are linked to boot images, and removing the boot image will invalidate any task sequence that uses it. The boot image is left in place because we have no way to automatically determine if the task sequence would still function if we linked the task sequence to the default SCCM boot image.

Changes Needed:

  • After successful creation of new boot images during install, any backup boot images should be deleted.
  • If an install failure occurs, rollback should automatically rename the backup boot image back to the original name in order to restore the previous good boot image so any linked task sequences will not fail.
  • The uninstall process should prompt the user to confirm deletion of OEM boot images and replacement with the standard SCCM boot images, with the appropriate warning about potential issues if there is anything relying on contents of the custom boot images.

Change Description:

Example Scenario:

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