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Keeping up with SCIF

There are a lot of changes that happen around here. There could be multiple work items, documents, or Wiki updates in a single day, or we could go a week without a change. Either way, you'd probably like to know where those changes happened and what they were, rather than blindly wandering around the site or relying me to actually work and keep some sort of change log (yeah, right!).

The best way to keep track of the changes here is to subscribe to the RSS feed for all project updates. When you subscribe, you'll get updated with any of the following:
  • New discussions
  • New work items and changes to existing work items
  • New releases
  • New source code check ins
  • New or updated Wiki content

Okay, I know what you're saying..."But I don't want to be bombarded by all these changes!" Well boo hoo... suck it up and deal with it. Hmm, that was kind of harsh, wasn't it. Okay, how about if I tell you that you don't have to subscribe to all of the changes. You can subscribe to individual portions. So, if you want, you can customize your content. Feel better now?
Handy Tip:
Be sure to modify your RSS Settings to send you updates as often (or not) as you like by clicking on "View feed properties..." from the upper-right side of the RSS feed page. From there you can set the download schedule, how many messages to keep, and whether attachments are downloaded.

Now...Even Easier!

If you have Microsoft Outlook (hopefully you do!), you can get your RSS feed directly into Outlook so it sneaks into your daily life and constantly nags at you (or is that just me?). Anyway, adding the RSS feed to Outlook is easy...

Step 1: Open Outlook
  • Yeah, ok, if you didn't know that part, you probably shouldn't be on this site, right?

Step 2: Configure Account Settings:
  • Click on Tools > Account Settings
  • Click on the RSS Feeds tab
  • Click New
  • Copy the RSS Feed link ( ) into the box and click Add
  • Make changes to the feed settings as you like
  • Click Close

That's it! Now you too can be constantly annoyed by yours truly!

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